Patronising messages

24 March 2007

A quick rant – why is it that Microsoft’s “genuine advantage validation tool” feels the need to “show me some of the many advantages of using genuine software” after it has determined that my copy of Windows is legitimate? Seriously, can anyone think of a case where that wouldn’t piss users off? I hate to think what it says if it finds out that you’re using a pirated copy.

When Resolver starts selling software over the web, I will add a checkbox at the end of the checkout process. It will appear only if the customer’s IP address belongs to Microsoft or to one of certain entertainment companies, it will be checked by default, it will be in large, friendly letters, and it will read “tell me about some of the benefits of not using stolen credit cards to buy software online.”

3 thoughts on “Patronising messages

  1. Michael Foord

    Do you think you will be able to get Patrick to write up the user story for that feature ?



  2. Jonathan Hartley

    At least that’s better than the guy I remember reading about on Slashdot, who was fed up with people cracking and ripping off his shareware tool. In one version, he added some sort of detection for this kind of piracy, and whenever it was activated, it erased things from the user’s hard drive.

  3. giles Post author

    Jonathan – God, yes, I read that article. Let’s not do that.

    Michael – it may take a bit of persuasion…

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