18 December 2007

I spent some of today putting together a minimal screencast, Resolver One in One Minute. It works quite well as a minimal introduction to our product (he said, preening) but what really surprised me was how good it looks on YouTube – even after a downscaling of at least 50%!

Here it is, for your viewing pleasure:

3 thoughts on “Screencast

  1. Warrick


    There’s a load of links all over the interwebs pointing to this URL for your posts on getting s3sync running on an NSLU2…. It looks like all your old posts were deleted and the newer ones are obviously “occupying” those URLs.

    Is the s3sync/NSLU2 stuff online somewhere, or can repost them??



  2. giles


    Unfortunately that series of posts was lost in a DB crash a while back – sorry for the confusion.


  3. giles Post author

    Some good news! I’ve managed to track down an old backup, so the s3sync stuff is now back.

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