R in Resolver One (and perhaps IronPython generally)

2 March 2009

We’ve just announced the winner of this month’s round of our competition at Resolver Systems, and it’s a great one; Marjan Ghahremani, a student at UC Davis, managed to work out how you can call R (a powerful statistical analysis language) from our spreadsheet product Resolver One. You can download a ZIP file with a detailed PDF describing how it works and a bunch of examples.

If you’re not interested in Resolver One, but want to use R from your own IronPython scripts, you may be able to do that too, using her instructions as guidelines — I’ve not tried it myself, but there are no obvious blockers. If you do try it out, I’d love to hear how it goes.

One thought on “R in Resolver One (and perhaps IronPython generally)

  1. Tony Catena

    Wow, it’s such a useful library, I see myself using it almost everyday

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