Shiny new blog theme

19 November 2009

I thought it was time for a change around here, so I’ve updated the theme with something prettier. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Shiny new blog theme

  1. Ben Hoffstein

    Looks good Giles. One note, the “Twitter Updates” section in the left sidebar is overflowing into the middle section when a long link is posted (e.g. the “” link is actually covering half of this textbox as I type). I am using Chrome — not sure if it’s the same in other browsers…

  2. giles Post author

    Ben — thanks for the heads-up on that. It doesn’t happen in Firefox, but it looks like it does on both Chrome and IE. I will disable it and just put a “follow me on Twitter” link at the top.

  3. Rick Behl

    Nice and clean but the letters of the heading ‘’ don’t seem to be anti-aliased? noticeable more on the O’s…

  4. giles Post author

    Hey Rick! I just tried a screenshot and zooming in, and it looks like it is anti-aliased, but I agree that the Os and the Ss in the title are a bit jagged. Still, it’s pleasant enough to look at so I think I’ll let that go rather than try to fix it — too lazy to download another theme :-)

  5. Rick Behl

    Sorry but probably being a little bit ‘devilish’ about the detail :-)

    Sending you a separate note on the 3d Resolver spreadsheet…

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