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20 January 2010

I’m putting together some spreadsheets that we’re going to use to publicise Resolver One over the coming UK electoral campaign, and one set of data I needed was a list of Members of Parliaments’ Twitter accounts indexed by an ID that I could use with I was delighted to discover Tweetminster, a site analysing MPs’ tweets, and in particular their Twitter list of all UK MPs’ accounts, but there was no link to TWFY.

So, given that no-one else seems to have done it, here’s my own list:

Hope someone finds it useful. It’s up-to-date as of this posting, and I’ll endeavour to keep it up-to-date, at least for as long as we need it at work :-)

4 thoughts on “Joining TheyWorkForYou to Twitter

  1. giles Post author

    Yikes, so it does — thanks Matthew, I don’t know how I managed to miss that! Several MPs seem to have changed their IDs over the last week, and some have multiple IDs, so unless someone’s been actively maintaining it, it may well be out of date. I aim to be working on this tomorrow, and I’ll see if there are any differences. Where would be a good place to send a list if I do find anything?

  2. giles Post author

    Thanks! I’ve sent them a list of the differences, and also alerted Tweetminster to a few that TWFY had that they don’t. Now I’ll add Ben’s list and do a delta with that to send him…

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