A Dirigible screencast

15 November 2010

I’d forgotten how much fun — but how much work! — it is to put together a short introductory screencast for a product. Three days of my own work plus countless suggestions and improvements from Glenn, Harry and Jonathan, and here we have the result:

2 thoughts on “A Dirigible screencast

  1. Phingage

    Hi thomas!

    I can’t find your mail so i write you here, sorry i know is the wrong place! I would like to know why you do not update anymore your blog bettingonresolverone.com? it was very interesting!


  2. giles Post author

    Hi Phingage — lack of time, mostly! Still, it’s good to hear that at least someone was reading it — that gives me a good incentive to pick it up again. I’ll take a look.



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