27 February 2012

We recently added something cool to PythonAnywhere, our Python online IDE and web hosting environment — if you’re writing a tutorial, or anything else where you’d find a Python console useful in a web page, you can use one of ours! Check it out:

What’s particularly cool about these consoles (apart from the fact that they advertise the world’s best Python IDE-in-a-browser) is that they keep the session data on a per-client basis — so, if you put one on multiple pages of your tutorial, the user’s previous state is kept as they navigate from page to page! The downside (or is it an upside?) is that this state is also kept from site to site, so if they go from your page to someone else’s, they’ll have the state they had when they were trying out yours.

Bug or feature? Let me know what you think in the comments…

3 thoughts on “PythonAnywhereAnywhere

  1. Nicholas

    Awesomeness on stilts :-)

    WRT bug/feature. I think I’d make it a part of the user’s settings. Perhaps even on a per-site basis. For example, I might want to isolate my console on but make all others shared. Default is to share the console between sites. It’d be helpful to specify which *sort* of Python I want to use per site too. In fact, it’d be handy if a site could pass a flag to say what sort of Python it needs (good for learning situations where people might be following a tutorial based on, say, Python 3.* rather than 2.7).

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Duncan Booth

    What I see on this web page is a console less than 1 line high, so I can see about half of what I type in and have to scroll back to see anything at all of the output.
    Running Chrome 19.0.1061.1 dev-m

  3. giles Post author

    Thanks for the comments, guys! Gmail decided to spam filter my notifications, so apologies for the slow reply.

    @Nicholas — that sounds like the right way to go — perhaps we could do it the way YouTube allow you to customise the embed link. Great point about Python 3!

    @Duncan — we’ve heard of problems like that when people have Adblock Plus running, so if you see this reply I’d be very grateful if you could let me know if you have it installed, and if so if the problem goes away if you switch it off.

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