New business idea

10 April 2012

So, here’s the plan. We write an iPhone app. iPhone-only, no Android. It’s a simple social network, adding friends and chatting and sharing photos and all that crap. The cool thing is, it monitors your location. If you ever spend more than 50% of one week outside Shoreditch in London, the East Village in New York, or SoMa in San Francisco, it kicks you out — you can never log in again. Once a week, it asks you a question about post-1900 conceptual art or artisan food vendors in your area. If you get it wrong, it kicks you out. Every day you have to take a photo of yourself, and other users get to vote on your outfit/fixed-gear bike/ironic facial hair. If you get less than a 50% approval rating, it kicks you out. Finally, the app comes with a guarantee that if the company’s ever bought by Facebook, 10% of the purchase price goes to its few remaining members.

Who’s with me? What should we call it?

6 thoughts on “New business idea

  1. Greg

    I like the idea of an anti-social network. Everytime you log in there’s a graph showing how much better your friends are doing and diagrams comparing actually-pretty kids with your mutant offspring.

  2. Ashwin Nanjappa

    Call it Donald Trump. When it needs to kick you out, the app can say “you’re fired” or “you’re out” :-)

  3. giles Post author

    @Greg — but who would join?

    @Ashwin — nice, but probably not hipster enough. Is there a really obscure equivalent to Donald Trump that not many people have heard about?

  4. Greg

    The same people who join all the other bullshit sites, buy fashion or style mags, think organic food is a Real Thing, recycle etc.

  5. Hugo Rodger-Brown

    It’s got to be ? (Nathan Barley, in case the reference gets lost.)

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