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29 October 2008

In early 2007, I had a nasty DB issue on my web server and (I thought) lost the first year or so’s worth of posts to – including the history of my attempts to automate my backups using s3sync, which are inexplicably popular :-). Even worse, the subsequent restarting of post IDs meant that […]

Back again

29 November 2006

Things have been busy for the last week or so, especially at Resolver, where we are moving inexorably toward a public launch. Normal blogging service will be resumed shortly.

Hello, world!

10 November 2006

This is a new technical blog to replace the personal/political blog I’ve been keeping for a while – which latter shall remain nameless… A fresh start – somewhere to keep “lab notes” as I play with the various techie toys I have at home, to store links to sites and articles I find interesting, and […]