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IT headhunters considered harmful

7 January 2010

I got an interesting call from a headhunter today; he knew that we were likely to start hiring software developers at Resolver Systems soon (keep an eye on our jobs page or drop me a line if you’re interested) because he had helped someone who’d chosen to leave us to find their new job. As […]

Talk at London Geek Night

1 May 2009

Last Thursday I did a talk at the London Geek Night about the business side of founding Resolver Systems; 10 minutes or so of prepared talk and then 20 minutes of Q&A, which was the structure suggested by the night’s organiser, Robert Rees. Skills Matter recorded the whole thing, and the video’s online now (albeit […]

Product management with Google AdWords

4 December 2008

You can’t rely on people’s response to your advertising to manage your product — but as one of many inputs, perhaps it could be valuable. Can part of the product management role be taken over by aggregating data from carefully-targeted Google AdWords campaigns? There have been some interesting recent discussions on the topic of product […]

Do one thing and do it well

20 November 2008

It’s all change at Resolver Systems. When we founded the company at the end of 2005, Robert, Patrick and I wanted to produce a new kind of spreadsheet. It would be something that would be bought by individuals within a company, using their company credit cards, and would gain market share slowly but surely, by […]