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How to bet on the bubble?

30 March 2011

(Note: this is merely the ramblings of a startup founder and should not be treated investment advice of any kind whatsoever. Caveat lector.) Apparently, we’re in another tech bubble. I was wondering the other day how Color Labs were going to spend the $41 million they recently raised, and the only things I could think […]

A Dirigible screencast

15 November 2010

I’d forgotten how much fun — but how much work! — it is to put together a short introductory screencast for a product. Three days of my own work plus countless suggestions and improvements from Glenn, Harry and Jonathan, and here we have the result:

A big announcement from Resolver

1 October 2010

So, I’ve let various hints drop over the last few months, but we did the official annoucement today: a new product from Resolver, called Dirigible (thanks to Wikipedia’s “Random page” link :-). It’s been in private beta for a few weeks, and we decided it was time to get the news out there about it. […]