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New laptop!

28 January 2010

Back at the end of October, I asked whether when I bought a new laptop I should get one with a Core 2 Duo T9600 or a i7 720QM. They both cost the same, and there seemed to be pros and cons to each. After weighing things up, and particularly with the advice of Greg […]

New gadget: Nokia N900

23 December 2009

I got an early Christmas present today! Robert was able to find a Nokia N900 at a very reasonable price, and Lola decided to get it for me as combined Christmas and birthday presents… The is a fascinating device. Nokia bill it as a “mobile computer”; it has about the CPU power of a 10-15-year-old […]

Dear lazyweb: To i7 or not to i7?

28 October 2009

So, my home laptop is finally on its last legs. I’m sure a full reinstall would help, but to be honest now that I’m playing with WebGL and now OpenCL (a new standard for number-crunching using graphics cards, which sounds like it has interesting Resolver One possibilities) has appeared, a Centrino Pentium M at 1.6Ghz […]


18 March 2009

I’m very tempted to switch to SSDs for my home machines’ boot drives. Videos like this aren’t entirely representative of what’s easily affordable, but it’s pretty impressive…

Dear lazyweb: what is is about Linux and WPA?

11 January 2008

I don’t think I really have enough of a readership for this blog to get an answer to this, but… perhaps someone passing by will know. Why is WPA support invariably so bad in Linux-based OSes? Three examples: 1. Despite having been a Linux user since 1992, I held off on switching my primary laptop, […]

New gadget!

10 January 2008

My OLPC XO arrived today. First impressions: It’s quite big! Nice build quality – not as good as the Eee, but then it costs half as much. The “rabbit ear” wifi antennae are incredibly cute. It boots bit slowly compared to the Eee. My first attempt at connecting to wifi failed – I could easily […]

Eee, day 2

22 December 2007

My second day with the Eee has been much better than the first. It has connected happily to every wifi network I’ve pointed it at, it stayed in standby overnight without problems (though that did drain 70% of its battery power), and although there is no Remote Desktop icon on the default menu, it is […]

Eee PC

21 December 2007

I received my Eee PC today. Its a lovely little gadget, but my first impression is that it’s not ready for prime-time yet. The machine itself is very neat – quite tiny, and beautifully-built considering the cost. A quick poke around the applications shows lots of useful-looking stuff. But in order to use the device, […]