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Fun with the Audio Data API

6 December 2010

The latest beta version of Firefox 4 has an API for reading and writing audio data — right down to the sample level, right from JavaScript. JavaScript is, of course, totally the wrong language to write DSP-style code in, so that’s what I decided to do :-) If you fancy downloading FF4 beta and trying […]

Good music composition software

5 February 2009

All that talk of music yesterday left me searching for a decent composition package, so I asked for recommendations on Twitter. What I want is something that allows me to enter music on a stave, write and view multiple parts at once, playback with MIDI, and record as an audio file when I’m done. Last […]

Building a collection of classical music

3 April 2008

I’ve been building up my collection of classical music recently, not least because Lola gave me a copy of Aaron Copland’s excellent What to Listen for in Music for my birthday. It’s interesting, poking around the different recordings by different musicians, and I was reminded of how hard it was when I first started buying […]