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An odd crontab problem

18 May 2010

This took a little while to work out, so it’s worth sharing here just in case anyone else has the same problems and is googling for solutions. We had a problem on one of our web servers at Resolver which manifested itself in some (but not all) cron jobs being run twice, which was causing […]

Patronising messages

24 March 2007

A quick rant – why is it that Microsoft’s “genuine advantage validation tool” feels the need to “show me some of the many advantages of using genuine software” after it has determined that my copy of Windows is legitimate? Seriously, can anyone think of a case where that wouldn’t piss users off? I hate to […]

Drop that zero…

30 November 2006

Sometimes the .NET Clipboard.GetData() method returns a MemoryStream full of zeros, even when you set it to something else just microseconds before, and even though nothing else is running that you’d expect to be putting stuff on the clipboard. In some of the unit tests that we have at Resolver, this happens as often as […]

MSBuild WTF: “The error was:”

15 November 2006

Here’s a fun one for anyone who uses msbuild (at least, v2.0.50727). Create a project file like this: <Project DefaultTargets=”Foo” xmlns=”″> <Target Name=”Foo”> <Exec Command = “echo Hello!” /> </Target> </Project> From a command prompt, run the project; you will get a the effect you would expect. Now replace the word “Hello” with “The error […]