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27 February 2012

We recently added something cool to PythonAnywhere, our Python online IDE and web hosting environment — if you’re writing a tutorial, or anything else where you’d find a Python console useful in a web page, you can use one of ours! Check it out: What’s particularly cool about these consoles (apart from the fact that […]

Teaching programming

14 October 2011

One thing we wanted to do with PythonAnywhere, our Python online IDE and web hosting environment, was put together a short introduction to Python for non-programmers. I wrote the first cut the other day. I’ve always been a fan of the Pimsleur language lessons. Unlike very traditional ways of teaching foreign languages, they don’t make […]

If programming languages were literary genres…

25 June 2011

From a conversation at the pub this evening with Jonathan and Glenn… JavaScript would be science fiction. Easy to get into, and while there’s an incredible amount of crap out there, there are also many gems that, carefully considered, will completely change your outlook. C and C++ would be “literary” fiction. Somewhat old-fashioned, occasionally brilliant, […]

Busy, busy, busy

27 April 2011

A couple of weeks back we were brainstorming about other ways we could make use of the code infrastructure we’d put together for Dirigible. We had loads of stuff for running functional tests, determining dependencies between spreadsheet cells, executing untrusted user code safely on our servers, and so on. Any of those could potentially make […]

Some old JavaScript

3 February 2011

I was digging around in my archives and discovered some old JavaScript demos I wrote back in 1999 — long enough ago that I thought of them as “DHTML pages”. It turns out that they only needed a few minor tweaks to make them work on modern browsers; the bulk of that was removing the […]

Fun with the Audio Data API

6 December 2010

The latest beta version of Firefox 4 has an API for reading and writing audio data — right down to the sample level, right from JavaScript. JavaScript is, of course, totally the wrong language to write DSP-style code in, so that’s what I decided to do :-) If you fancy downloading FF4 beta and trying […]

A big announcement from Resolver

1 October 2010

So, I’ve let various hints drop over the last few months, but we did the official annoucement today: a new product from Resolver, called Dirigible (thanks to Wikipedia’s “Random page” link :-). It’s been in private beta for a few weeks, and we decided it was time to get the news out there about it. […]

Bare Git repositories

1 July 2010

We started a new project at Resolver today — I’m pretty excited about it, and will be blogging about it soon. However, in the meantime, here’s something that’s half a note-to-self and half something to help people googling for help with Git problems. We’ve previously been using Subversion as our main source code control system, […]

Running Resolver One on Mono for Windows

28 May 2010

Mono is an open source version of the .NET framework; it allows you to run .NET applications not just on Windows but on Linux and the Mac. I’ve spent quite some time over the last week getting our Python spreadsheet, Resolver One, to run on the Windows version, and thought it would be worth sharing […]