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Python code to generate Let’s Encrypt certificates

16 November 2018

I spent today writing some Python code to request certificates from Let’s Encrypt. I couldn’t find much in the way of simple sample code out there, so I thought it would be worth sharing some. It uses the acme Python package, which is part of the certbot client script. It’s worth noting that none of […]

Creating a time series from existing data in pandas

9 May 2017

pandas is a high-performance library for data analysis in Python. It’s generally excellent, but if you’re a beginner or you use it rarely, it can be tricky to find out how to do quite simple things — the code to do what you want is likely to be very clear once you work it out, […]

Parsing website SSL certificates in Python

9 December 2016

A kindly PythonAnywhere user dropped us a line today to point out that StartCom and WoSign’s SSL certificates are no longer going to be supported in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. I wanted to email all of our customers who were using certificates provided by those organisations. We have all of the domains we host stored […]

How many Python programmers are there in the world?

24 June 2013

We’ve been talking to some people recently who really wanted to know what the potential market size was for PythonAnywhere, our Python Platform-as-a-Service and cloud-based IDE. There are a bunch of different ways to look at that, but the most obvious starting point is, “how many people are coding Python?” This blog post is an […]


27 February 2012

We recently added something cool to PythonAnywhere, our Python online IDE and web hosting environment — if you’re writing a tutorial, or anything else where you’d find a Python console useful in a web page, you can use one of ours! Check it out: What’s particularly cool about these consoles (apart from the fact that […]

Busy, busy, busy

27 April 2011

A couple of weeks back we were brainstorming about other ways we could make use of the code infrastructure we’d put together for Dirigible. We had loads of stuff for running functional tests, determining dependencies between spreadsheet cells, executing untrusted user code safely on our servers, and so on. Any of those could potentially make […]

London Financial User Group Meeting: 17 January

10 January 2011

The next meeting of the LFPUG will be on 17 January, from 19:00 – 21:00 — location TBD. Two talks are scheduled: Developing and Deploying Python applications on GPU Cloud Platforms, Suleiman Shehu, CEO of Azinta Systems Black-box model validation with Python, Patrick Henaff Both sound interesting, the first in particular! There’s still time to […]

A big announcement from Resolver

1 October 2010

So, I’ve let various hints drop over the last few months, but we did the official annoucement today: a new product from Resolver, called Dirigible (thanks to Wikipedia’s “Random page” link :-). It’s been in private beta for a few weeks, and we decided it was time to get the news out there about it. […]

London Financial User Group Meeting: September 15

24 August 2010

The next meeting of the LFPUG will be on September 15, from 19:00 – 21:00 — location TBD. Didrik Pinte will be talking about Enthought’s port of NumPy to .NET, which I’m very interested in hearing about. More information on the LFPUG wiki page.