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Playing with NLTK

18 February 2010

I spent some time this afternoon playing with NLTK, the Python Natural Language Toolkit; the book is highly recommended. I couldn’t resist sharing the results of the first time I tried its generate function, which takes a particular text and tries to automatically generate more text in the same style. First, from the Book of […]

London Financial Python Users’ Group

16 February 2010

I clearly need to post more stuff here so that it doesn’t just turn into a blog announcing the LFPUG’s meetings :-) However, in the meantime, here are the details of the next one: it’ll be on 11 March 2010, and is hosted this time by Man Investments Ltd at Sugar Quay, Lower Thames Street, […]

Next London Financial Python Users Group meeting

28 January 2010

The next meeting of the London Financial Python Users Group will be on Feb 3, 2010 at 7pm, and is being kindly hosted by KBC Financial Products at their offices: 111 Old Broad Street, EC2N 1FP (just opposite Tower 42). All are welcome, but for security reasons you need to register in advance; just drop […]

A website for LFPUG

7 December 2009

Didrik Pinte has put together a web page on the Wiki for the London Financial Python Users Group. Only a little content so far, but it will grow… if you’re doing financial work in Python in London, do come along to the next meeting — it will be 7pm next Monday (14 December) at […]

London Financial Python Users Group

11 November 2009

Last night, I went to the inaugural meeting of the London Financial Python Users Group. It was a small gathering (as you’d expect for a new group), just four of us, but a very interesting one. Didrik Pinte gave a presentation of an interesting new library called pandas, a useful layer on top of existing […]

R in Resolver One (and perhaps IronPython generally)

2 March 2009

We’ve just announced the winner of this month’s round of our competition at Resolver Systems, and it’s a great one; Marjan Ghahremani, a student at UC Davis, managed to work out how you can call R (a powerful statistical analysis language) from our spreadsheet product Resolver One. You can download a ZIP file with a […]