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New business idea

10 April 2012

So, here’s the plan. We write an iPhone app. iPhone-only, no Android. It’s a simple social network, adding friends and chatting and sharing photos and all that crap. The cool thing is, it monitors your location. If you ever spend more than 50% of one week outside Shoreditch in London, the East Village in New […]

IT headhunters considered harmful

7 January 2010

I got an interesting call from a headhunter today; he knew that we were likely to start hiring software developers at Resolver Systems soon (keep an eye on our jobs page or drop me a line if you’re interested) because he had helped someone who’d chosen to leave us to find their new job. As […]

Dear lazyweb: what is is about Linux and WPA?

11 January 2008

I don’t think I really have enough of a readership for this blog to get an answer to this, but… perhaps someone passing by will know. Why is WPA support invariably so bad in Linux-based OSes? Three examples: 1. Despite having been a Linux user since 1992, I held off on switching my primary laptop, […]