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Running Resolver One on Mono for Windows

28 May 2010

Mono is an open source version of the .NET framework; it allows you to run .NET applications not just on Windows but on Linux and the Mac. I’ve spent quite some time over the last week getting our Python spreadsheet, Resolver One, to run on the Windows version, and thought it would be worth sharing […]

Joining TheyWorkForYou to Twitter

20 January 2010

I’m putting together some spreadsheets that we’re going to use to publicise Resolver One over the coming UK electoral campaign, and one set of data I needed was a list of Members of Parliaments’ Twitter accounts indexed by an ID that I could use with I was delighted to discover Tweetminster, a site analysing […]

A website for LFPUG

7 December 2009

Didrik Pinte has put together a web page on the Wiki for the London Financial Python Users Group. Only a little content so far, but it will grow… if you’re doing financial work in Python in London, do come along to the next meeting — it will be 7pm next Monday (14 December) at […]

A Resolver One model on the FT politics blog

23 July 2009

Yesterday, my co-founder Robert Smithson presented a fascinating spreadsheet he’s built in Resolver One to one of the Financial Times’ two UK political correspondents, Jim Pickard. The spreadsheet gives predictions about the next UK general election using a clever methodology Robert has developed, and if you’re interested in british politics or clever spreadsheets, you should […]