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Resolver One and Digipede

30 April 2009

We kicked off the beta programme for version 1.5 of Resolver One today. It’s got some really cool new features, including a console that lets you interact with your spreadsheets from a command-line-style interface, but there’s one other change, a tiny one that enables something really interesting — a combination of the spreadsheet’s ease-of-programming with […]

R in Resolver One (and perhaps IronPython generally)

2 March 2009

We’ve just announced the winner of this month’s round of our competition at Resolver Systems, and it’s a great one; Marjan Ghahremani, a student at UC Davis, managed to work out how you can call R (a powerful statistical analysis language) from our spreadsheet product Resolver One. You can download a ZIP file with a […]


13 February 2009

One of our customers had been asking about how to call XMLRPC servers from Resolver One. It doesn’t work in version 1.3, and he was having problems getting it to work in 1.4. The problem turned out to be simple and fixable, and unlikely to affect other people, so I’m proud to present a really […]

The Resolver One Spreadsheet Challenge: a winner for round one!

20 January 2009

Proving that there really is a point in having a proper PR department who think about these things, we only realised today that our choice of date for the announcement of the winner of our spreadsheet competition was not ideal — our US customers (who make up a hefty fraction of the total) have something […]

Money for spreadsheets

18 December 2008

We’ve produced a lot of interesting spreadsheets in-house at Resolver Systems — some of which I’ve blogged about here — but we’re really keen to see what everyone else is doing with Resolver One. So we’re running a competition: every month for the next five months, we’re asking people to send us interesting stuff that […]

VAT calculations

28 November 2008

There’s been an interesting discussion over at Smurf on Spreadsheets about the consequences of the UK government’s temporary VAT rate reduction. For the benefit of non-UK readers, VAT is basically the british sales tax (it differs a little in implementation from a simple sales tax). It is currently 17.5%, but as a reaction to the […]

Resolver One plug

26 November 2008

A quick plug: there’s only one day left to get Resolver One at the old price! As of midnight (GMT) tomorrow, the discounted price for Resolver One 1.3 will come to an end, and the price will rise from $199 to $399. If you want to get your copy at the old price, you should […]

Why use IronPython?

7 October 2008

I just posted this on the Joel on Software discussion board, in answer to someone’s question about using IronPython for their new company.  Hopefully it will be of interest here. We’ve been using IronPython for three years now with a lot of success.The great thing about it is that it allows you to benefit from […]

Evolution in action

3 October 2008

At Resolver, we’ve recently split into two teams; about two thirds of us work on the core Resolver One platform that is our main product (this group is inventively called the Platform team), and the other third build new spreadsheet/Python programs, using Resolver One, for specific clients’ custom needs (the Apps team).  This is great, […]

Resolver One as a Python Success Story

1 August 2008

Jonathan Hartley, a friend who is also a developer at Resolver Systems (the company I run), has contributed to the set of Python Success Stories at with a description of how we’ve benefited from using Python – in particular the .NET variant of the language, IronPython.   It’s well worth a read, especially if you’re […]