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27 February 2012

We recently added something cool to PythonAnywhere, our Python online IDE and web hosting environment — if you’re writing a tutorial, or anything else where you’d find a Python console useful in a web page, you can use one of ours! Check it out: What’s particularly cool about these consoles (apart from the fact that […]

Resolver is hiring

16 May 2011

We’re looking for a Software Developer to work on PythonAnywhere, Resolver One, and our other products, based in our offices in Clerkenwell, London, UK. More information on the Resolver jobs page.

Busy, busy, busy

27 April 2011

A couple of weeks back we were brainstorming about other ways we could make use of the code infrastructure we’d put together for Dirigible. We had loads of stuff for running functional tests, determining dependencies between spreadsheet cells, executing untrusted user code safely on our servers, and so on. Any of those could potentially make […]

A Dirigible screencast

15 November 2010

I’d forgotten how much fun — but how much work! — it is to put together a short introductory screencast for a product. Three days of my own work plus countless suggestions and improvements from Glenn, Harry and Jonathan, and here we have the result:

A big announcement from Resolver

1 October 2010

So, I’ve let various hints drop over the last few months, but we did the official annoucement today: a new product from Resolver, called Dirigible (thanks to Wikipedia’s “Random page” link :-). It’s been in private beta for a few weeks, and we decided it was time to get the news out there about it. […]

Clicking the tabs from left to right

5 August 2009

It looks like visitors to the Resolver Systems website are predisposed to clicking through the tabs at the top of the page, from left to right. Does anyone else see this kind of thing? The figures I’m using are from Google Analytics, which is based on JavaScript embedded in the page and run in the […]

Talk at London Geek Night

1 May 2009

Last Thursday I did a talk at the London Geek Night about the business side of founding Resolver Systems; 10 minutes or so of prepared talk and then 20 minutes of Q&A, which was the structure suggested by the night’s organiser, Robert Rees. Skills Matter recorded the whole thing, and the video’s online now (albeit […]

One-day discount

17 March 2009

We’re running a one-day discount at Resolver Systems today — you can get an unrestricted copy of Resolver One for $75! There’s more about Resolver One here.

Usability testers needed

27 February 2009

A repost here from the Resolver Systems news blog: We’re looking for experienced spreadsheet developers to spend a day with us in our London office, building Resolver One spreadsheets, as a way of usability-testing our software. We’re paying £200/day for this, so it’s perhaps something of most interest to current business school students. Does this […]