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Resolver Systems competition closing soon

15 January 2009

Just a quick reminder to anyone who wants to enter the Resolver One Challenge – the first round closes at midnight tonight, so there’s only 9 hours left for you to submit your spreadsheet if you want to win the first round’s $2,000 prize (and thus be entered for the overall $15,000 prize).

Money for spreadsheets

18 December 2008

We’ve produced a lot of interesting spreadsheets in-house at Resolver Systems — some of which I’ve blogged about here — but we’re really keen to see what everyone else is doing with Resolver One. So we’re running a competition: every month for the next five months, we’re asking people to send us interesting stuff that […]

Getting phpBB to accept Django sessions

10 December 2008

phpBB is a fantastic bulletin board system. We use it at Resolver Systems for our forums, and it does a great job. However, we’re a Python shop, so we prefer to do our serious web development — for example, the login system that allows our paying customers to download fully-featured unlocked versions of our software […]

Product management with Google AdWords

4 December 2008

You can’t rely on people’s response to your advertising to manage your product — but as one of many inputs, perhaps it could be valuable. Can part of the product management role be taken over by aggregating data from carefully-targeted Google AdWords campaigns? There have been some interesting recent discussions on the topic of product […]

Ironclad 0.7 released

27 November 2008

Excellent news from my friend and colleague William — he’s released version 0.7 of our Ironclad project, a library that allows you to use the useful C extensions that have been written for CPython (Python’s reference implementation) from within IronPython (Microsoft’s version for .NET – the version we use at Resolver Systems). William has many […]

Do one thing and do it well

20 November 2008

It’s all change at Resolver Systems. When we founded the company at the end of 2005, Robert, Patrick and I wanted to produce a new kind of spreadsheet. It would be something that would be bought by individuals within a company, using their company credit cards, and would gain market share slowly but surely, by […]