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Long S is long

17 December 2010

A bunch of people have been posting interesting searches on Google Labs’ Books Ngram viewer. I heard about it from this tweet by @njrabit, but the tantalising link (don’t follow if you don’t like swearing) at the bottom of this blog post by S. Weasel, showed up something interesting. Why is it that of four […]


15 October 2009

I’ve decided to teach myself more 3D graphics using the new WebGL features in the development versions of Firefox, Safari and Chrome; it’s not a standard yet but you can already do some fun stuff with it. Rather than clutter up this blog, I’ve started a new one (with a cool free WordPress skin called […]

Click-through ratios

16 March 2009

Shortly after writing about the correlation between music copyright and composers in England, I read one of Mike Masnick’s thought-provoking anti-copyright posts over at Techdirt, and thought he might be interested in the book review that had prompted my post. I dropped him a line, and last Thursday he wrote an article which mentioned it. […]

Affective robots

26 November 2008

I wouldn’t normally link to the Daily Mail (whose politics I dislike), but when it’s my fiancee and her work being profiled…

I came for the article, I stayed for the comments

9 October 2008

An OK but somewhat oversimplified post on short selling leads to a fascinating discussion on the topic from market practitioners.  Well worth reading to the end, you’ll wind up holding at least two irrefutable but mutually contradictory opinions about the issue…

A bit of fun

29 September 2008

This  week’s unofficial meme on the Unofficial Planet Python seems to be to name the programming languages you’ve learned.  Here’s Eric Florenzano‘s list (hat tip) – it looks like the meme was started by Corey Goldberg  – and here’s my list: BASIC (an odd ICL dialect, then Spectrum, Commodore, Amstrad, BBC, and QuickBasic) Z80 Assembler […]

Off to BoS

2 September 2008

Tomorrow I’m off to Boston for the Business of Software conference, organised by Neil Davidson of Red Gate software and… hosted?  Branded?  In some obscure way connected to?  …the inimitable Joel Spolsky.  I’m particularly looking forward to meeting those two characters; I was lucky enough to sit next to Neil at a Cambridge dinner earlier […]

Workaround for Vista stupidity

1 July 2008

When I run certain command-line tools from a command prompt in Windows Vista, it displays the results in a separate window. This separate window disappears when the tool exits. This is the most mind-bogglingly stupid behaviour I have encountered so far in an operating system famed for its mind-boggling stupidity. However, there is a workaround […]

Making a fool of yourself in public

6 May 2008

On the Business of Software Blog, Neil Davidson recommends using your fear of making yourself look stupid by failing publicly as a way to motivate yourself to work as hard as you need to work on your startup. Sounds right to me.  When I was in my early 20s I saw the mortality rates for […]