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Installing Asterisk

11 December 2006

Continuing down the VoIP-experimentation route, I’ve installed Asterisk on a spare Linux box. It seemed most sensible to do it from the CVS repository, so I tried: jura:/home/root# cd /usr/src jura:/usr/src# mkdir asterisk jura:/usr/src# cd asterisk jura:/usr/src/asterisk# export jura:/usr/src/asterisk# cvs login However: jura:/usr/src/asterisk# cvs login Logging in to CVS password: Unknown host […]

New project: VoIP

5 December 2006

We need to sort out our phone system at Resolver, which has given me the excuse not only to wire up the office for gigabit ethernet (am I alone in thinking that self-adhesive trunking is an incredibly underrated invention?) but also to start playing with VoIP. I suspect that for the company I will wind […]