Ironclad 0.7 released

Posted on 27 November 2008 in Programming, Resolver Systems

Excellent news from my friend and colleague William -- he's released version 0.7 of our Ironclad project, a library that allows you to use the useful C extensions that have been written for CPython (Python's reference implementation) from within IronPython (Microsoft's version for .NET -- the version we use at Resolver Systems).

William has many caveats about how far there still is to go, but this new release is tantalisingly close to being ready for alpha testing. Huge chunks of numpy, the numerical Python library for doing difficult maths with large data sets, now work. This is fantastic stuff -- close enough that we're now seriously considering having it as an option (with an explicit note that it's not ready for production use) in the next release of Resolver One -- or at least the one after that.

[Update] The redoubtable Michael Foord, another friend and colleague, has written a much better and more detailed post about this release on the IronPython URLs blog.