3D graphics in Resolver One using OpenGL and Tao, part III: Stock prices

Posted on 20 November 2009 in 3D, Resolver One

I've done another 3D example in Resolver One. This one uses Yahoo! Finance to download the close prices over the last two years for every stock that's currently in the Dow Jones index, then charts them in a 3D window which you can pan and zoom using the mouse. Here's a video showing it in action (click the image to view):

3D stocks

Here's how you can try it out:

I won't explain in depth how the spreadsheet works; there's not actually all that much there beyond what I described in my last two posts about 3D graphics in Resolver One.

I'll be tweaking the performance of the sheet over the next few days, and I'm keen to hook it up to the BetFair API so that we can chart gambling odds too, but before I charge ahead with that, let me leave you with a question -- what could I add to make something like this truly useful to someone watching the financial markets? Would it be useful to be able to "fly around" the chart instead of just spinning it around? Perhaps clicking on things could give you information? Or anything else?

What do you think?