New business idea

Posted on 10 April 2012 in Rants

So, here's the plan. We write an iPhone app. iPhone-only, no Android. It's a simple social network, adding friends and chatting and sharing photos and all that crap. The cool thing is, it monitors your location. If you ever spend more than 50% of one week outside Shoreditch in London, the East Village in New York, or SoMa in San Francisco, it kicks you out -- you can never log in again. Once a week, it asks you a question about post-1900 conceptual art or artisan food vendors in your area. If you get it wrong, it kicks you out. Every day you have to take a photo of yourself, and other users get to vote on your outfit/fixed-gear bike/ironic facial hair. If you get less than a 50% approval rating, it kicks you out. Finally, the app comes with a guarantee that if the company's ever bought by Facebook, 10% of the purchase price goes to its few remaining members.

Who's with me? What should we call it?