Posted on 28 September 2022 in PythonAnywhere, Business of Software

As those of you who know me (and probably a fair few that don't) will already know, PythonAnywhere was acquired by Anaconda, Inc back in June of this year. We're still the same team, and I'm still leading it, but now we're part of a larger company.

It's been quite a ride. Due diligence and negotiation in the months up to the close was just as tough as I'd always been told it would be (and that's despite the fact that according to our lawyers it was a pretty smooth one as these things go). And now I have to get used to having a boss again, which is weird... but is helped by the fact that said boss is a great guy, and is aligned with us (you can tell from the lingo that I work for a larger company now, right?) on keeping the platform up and running as it was, while investing into it so that it can get better and grow faster.

So, all good news :-)

I've been vaguely considering putting together a few blog posts outlining what happens during an acquisition -- just a general discussion of the steps and what they involve. I wouldn't be putting anything in about this particular deal, of course -- there are strict non-disclosures about the terms and so on -- but just a description of what happens might be useful for other people in the position I was in earlier on this year. I had to learn a lot of stuff very quickly, and while our lawyers were awesome and explained things brilliantly, it would have been useful to have some kind of layman's background information.

What do you think -- worth posting?