Building an AI chatbot for beginners: part 2

Posted on 4 April 2023 in Programming, Python, AI

Welcome to the second part of my tutorial on how to build a chatbot using OpenAI's interface to their Large Language Models (LLMs)! You can read the introduction here, and the first part here. As a reminder, I'm writing this not because I'm an expert, but because I'm learning how to do it myself, and writing about it helps me learn faster. Caveat lector :-)

In this post, we'll give the bot some memory of the conversation so far.

At the end of the first part, we had a program that would accept input from a user, combine it with some static text to make a prompt that an LLM would complete in the character of a chatbot (stopping at the point that the chatbot should stop, and not trying to carry on the conversation), then send it to OpenAI's API specifying an LLM model, and print out the result.

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