Project: Automated offsite backups for an NSLU2 -- part 4

Posted on 11 November 2006 in NSLU2 offsite backup project

Previously in this series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

I am trying to get my NSLU2 to back itself up automatically to Amazon S3. I currently know that in order to get this to work, the "slug" (as it's affectionally known) will need to be upgraded with new firmware -- basically, a new version of Linux. Just which of the many competing firmwares is appropriate will depend on the software I use to do the sync, and so it's time to work through the various options presented in Jeremy Zawodny's post and the comments people have left there.

So, for my fairly low-level simple needs, it looks like there's one clear winner -- s3sync. This is going to need stuff to be installed on the NSLU2, but that's true of any other option I saw.

The next steps? To play with s3sync on a regular Linux box so that I can work out how it is meant to operate normally, and to get a Ruby platform up and running on the NSLU2. The latter is likely to be the more difficult, so I'll start looking at that first.

Next: Upgrading the firmware - a first look.