Money for spreadsheets

Posted on 18 December 2008 in Resolver One, Resolver Systems

We've produced a lot of interesting spreadsheets in-house at Resolver Systems -- some of which I've blogged about here -- but we're really keen to see what everyone else is doing with Resolver One. So we're running a competition: every month for the next five months, we're asking people to send us interesting stuff that they've done with our product, and we'll give $2,000 to the author of the best one. After five months we'll give $15,000 to the author of "the best of the best".

It should be interesting to see what people send us :-)

Getting phpBB to accept Django sessions

Posted on 10 December 2008 in Django, Programming, Python, Resolver Systems

phpBB is a fantastic bulletin board system. We use it at Resolver Systems for our forums, and it does a great job.

However, we're a Python shop, so we prefer to do our serious web development -- for example, the login system that allows our paying customers to download fully-featured unlocked versions of our software -- in Django.

We needed to have a single sign-on system for both parts of our website. Specifically, we wanted people to be able to log in using the Django authentication module, and then to be able to post on the forums without logging in again. This post is an overview of the code we used; I've had to extract it from various sources, so it might not be complete -- let me know in the comments if anything's missing.

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Product management with Google AdWords

Posted on 4 December 2008 in Business of Software, Resolver Systems

You can't rely on people's response to your advertising to manage your product -- but as one of many inputs, perhaps it could be valuable. Can part of the product management role be taken over by aggregating data from carefully-targeted Google AdWords campaigns?

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