London Financial Python Users Group

Posted on 11 November 2009 in Finance, Python

Last night, I went to the inaugural meeting of the London Financial Python Users Group. It was a small gathering (as you'd expect for a new group), just four of us, but a very interesting one. Didrik Pinte gave a presentation of an interesting new library called pandas, a useful layer on top of existing stats packages that provides some very neat data-alignment capabilities, and we also discussed what future meetings should involve (lightning talks are definitely on the cards).

As with all these things, the most interesting discussions were left for the pub afterwards. I was particularly interested in what Didrik had to say about Cython, a tool which lets you write CPython C extensions in Python (!). I'll have to play with it and see if it can easily integrate with Ironclad...

Anyway, the next meeting is very tentatively planned for 14 December; the best way to track the group is probably currently the LinkedIn group, though I will definitely also post the details when they firm up.